Victorian Indigenous Art Awards: SHORT list

The short listed artists in the Victorian Indigenous Art Awards (VIAA) were officially announced today in a media release from the arts minister, and the secret i was keeping since Monday, was secret no more. After the last 2 years of not making the shortlist for this award, or being in the VIAA wilderness as i called it, i am excited to be in with not one but three works. Does this constitute a sort of pop star comeback?  I have a long history with this award after previously being a finalist for 5 years from 2005 – 2009, so it really has been a key feature of my years here in Victoria (i moved here from NSW in late 2003) and a sort of sense of belonging in the Aboriginal arts scene of Melbourne, even though its not my traditional koori country. I wish all the shortlisted artists the best of luck.


About peterwaplescrowe

Peter Waples Crowe is an artist, an arts worker, and a health worker. I'm Ngarigo. My art practice is autoethnographic in nature from the intersection of Culture, Identity and spirituality . With mixed media and humour I explore the new possibilities for Koori people to re-present themselves and their culture away from historical and socio-political boundaries and limits.
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