About me and my art practice. June 2017. 

Peter Waples Crow is a Ngarigo queer artist who has been featured on the ABC and in the mainstream and arts press. He lives in Melbourne where his current exhibition “Dirty Dingo” is on show in Degraves subway. He has been a multiple finalist for the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards, the Victorian indigenous Art award, and received the Koori Heritage Trust Acquisition Award. In addition to a successful solo career, Peter is notable for his collaborations with other artists; performing with Anna Leibzeit and Kaz Adams as post-punk apocalyptic disco group The Treaters since 2012. Recently he has undertaken collaborative works with non-Aboriginal artists, including Katie Jacobs and Ingrid Tufts for Dingo Spirit, which was a finalist in the 2017 Craft Victoria Awards. More recently his collaboration with Megan Evans has produced an exhibition Squatters and Savages, currently running at the Ballarat Regional Art Gallery. 

Here are some new mixed media works on paper that I have been working on. They speak to Indigenous interconnectedness and the lived experience as I journey through this life of mine. Enjoy x


About peterwaplescrowe

Peter Waples Crowe is an artist, an arts worker, and a health worker. I'm Ngarigo. My art practice is autoethnographic in nature from the intersection of Culture, Identity and spirituality . With mixed media and humour I explore the new possibilities for Koori people to re-present themselves and their culture away from historical and socio-political boundaries and limits.
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