Other Other

I’m inside the LGBTIQ Community because I’m queer, but on the outside because I’m Ngarigo. It’s marginalisation and the intersections of race, culture, gender and sexuality that Pila Darling and myself were exploring when curating Other Other. Part of the Melbourne midsumma festival, the show runs until March 19th 2017 at the Wyndham Cultural centre in Werribee. Check it out if you are in the area. 

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Here’s to 2017, a year to move about

It’s New Years Eve and I’m home alone watching TV. It’s time to change it up in 2017, to make things happen, to move in the right direction. I got some traction with my art in 2016, and I’d like to find an art home in 2017. A gallery to support me and sell my work, as I’m hopeless at the hard sale and the bullshit. I either undersell myself or overcharge. I’ve been making art for ages, it’s not like it’s a new thing, but people want mates rates…and other artists just don’t buy. I’m busy working away on squatters and savages, for May 2017 at Ballarat Gallery. This work is called ‘the fatal shore’ and can be read many ways. This was like a collage sketch, and the finished work is different again. It’s about Mascilinity, queer love, alienation and lawlessness. The othe work is called ‘Quadroon’ from the jus sayin series that’s ongoing. Say no more. Happy 2017

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Sovereignty at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Now showing until the end of March 2017 is Sovereignty, a show of contemporary Indigenous art from the South East of Australia. I’m proud to be part of it. There is also a show called ‘who’s afraid of colour’ at the NGV featuring Indigenous women artists. And the Koorie Art Show continues at the Koorie Heritage Trust. Do yourself a favour and check them out while you can. Take care out there. 

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Watch out…the Treaters are back for 2017

Stay tuned people the Treaters will be performing a set early in 2017 in a secret location somewhere. Follow us on Facebook for more information. 

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Dingo Spirit for Craft Victoria

Originally conceived as planters, that was not the way the project progressed with my collaborators. The first series is on sale now at Craft Victoria ( contact them for sales). With the black and gold edition Dingo spirit hints at Egyptian connection but Dingo spirit proudly wears Koori Shield designs on its back and is an offering, a protector, and a companion between this life and the next. It means many things and I hope you like it. It will change in colour with each edition and there will be an artists edition in the near future.

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How wolves change rivers

This is why I paint Dingoes. We need our apex predators.


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Let’s revision our colonial depictions

In the lead up to squatters and savages at Ballarat Gallery in May 2017, a show that I am doing with the amazing Megan Evans, I’m starting to play with the galleries colonial print collection. These prints include many images of Aboriginal people, as depicted by the invading English colonists. Known to Ballarat Gallery for my award winning series Jus Sayin which used many colonial images of Aboriginal people from a book called White on Black. I took the images and put them into new contemporary settings, commenting on racism, colonisation and queer politics to name a few. The work won the works on paper award at the Victorian Indigenous Art Awards in 2013, and this award has lead into the project Squatters and Savages. I really enjoy using the old print images, as they fit perfectly with my collage, graphic style and my sense of humour. Here are a few things to engage with….more to come 🙂

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Dingo Series continues through 2016 and get a limited edition art cup

img_0627This series is ongoing in 2016 exploring all aspects and moods of the Dingo!  And you can order my limited edition Alpine Dingo cup through craft Victoria

To place an pre-order for my Alpine Dingo  cups ($34) call Sara or Hannah Presley on 0452 399 935 to arrange. Or pop into the craft shop.






















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The Torch is burning….

I’m working for the Torch, which is a program that sees me working with recently released Victorian base Indigenous prisoners, both men and women. They are supported to build their art careers, by exhibiting, commissions, entering art prizes, and  being exposured to contemporary art practices by visiting exhibitions etc. I’m still employed as a casual which is a bit temporal, and it’s hard  some days because my artists have alot going on in their lives and art is not always given the same priority as when they painted inside and had regular classes. They change contacts often too, which is a bit frustrating. But despite life issues, some of our artists are in major gallery collections like the NGV, and others have very successful art practices, which can only contribute to cultural and personal self esteem.

For more information visit: http://www.thetorch.org.au……..

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I painted my reality, not a dream..a group art show. Kingston art centre. Moorabbin. Until the end of Sept 2016.. 

Frida Khalo said ‘I never painted my dreams, I painted my reality’ and it’s the title for a Koori art show that explores the diverse practices of a group of artists who are all confident in their art and culture. Here is my piece, The Dingo Circle, and for this work I use Ngarigu text  to highlight and add to the visuals….enjoy……and watch this space for more updates..and news!! 

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